Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Favorites

Beauty Products
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain has become my favorite lipstick. I picked it up in the duty free shop, lost it for a couple of months, and rediscovered it this month. The color I'm obsessed with is 101, which apparently does not exist any longer. The formula is lovely though, so if you have a change to indulge in a lux product, give your favorite color a try. Apparently there is a great dupe for this made by L'Oreal, which is YSL's parent company. I'm betting it's nearly the same product just packaged differently.

I received a wonderfully comfortable pair of pants for Christmas that I've worn basically non-stop this month. They are from Dress Barn of all places, a store I never think to shop in. Currently they have a heathered black pair for under $15! They fall somewhere between a legging and a dress pant - I feel completely comfortable wearing them to work with a tunic and heels and boots but they are so comfortable they feel like lounge pants.

A new app that is helping me stay organized has dominated my phone usage. Ok, dominate is a strong word. But I have been using it a ton. It's called AfterShip and it tracks all my packages - updating me on when I should receive them and where they are at that exact moment. All I have to do is insert my tracking number (if you open your tracking number via email on your phone, it automatically asks you if you want to import that order), give it a tile so I know what it is, and watch as it finds it's way to me. Now I know if my dozen's of Etsy packages are waiting for me at home - so I can snatch them before KJB discovers how many stickers I buy ;)