Friday, December 30, 2016

Goal Setting, I

In an attempt to better myself, I've set a few goals for 2017. All of them totally reachable, but still slightly outside of my comfort zone. At the top of my list is finding a great skincare regimen. Funny enough, when I started doing some research on products that I wanted to try, I discovered that Lush had options for every single category. Since I'm not getting any younger, it's time to find some go-to products that are good for my skin, my wallet, and are simple enough that I have no excuse but to use them.

1. Skincare for my face is the top priority. With a good eye cream and moisturizer already in my routine, I'm in need of a cleanser and a mask to keep pores clean and my face bright. Brazen Honey I have no doubt that I'll love, but Herbalism looks just weird enough that I'm not too sure about it. But my oily skin needs some help, and the description on this guy looks perfect.

2. My face is oily but my scalp is super dry. Every product at Ulta has grazed the side of my tub at some point, so it's time to step up my game. Solid shampoo is super intriguing to me and the hydrating ingredients in Avocado Co-Wash makes me eager to give it a try.

3. Honest moment: I pay zero attention to my feet. KJB gives me a hard time about them because they are extremely calloused, rough, and hard. The thought of regular pedicures has my debit card screaming at me, so I suppose I'll give it a go myself. I think if I use a pumice stone and moisturize a couple times a week, it will keep my hubby happy.

4. My current deodorant is an antiperspirant and this past year I discovered some of the harmful ingredients found in the product, so I've been wanting to move to an all-natural alternative. Some of the creams and powders have me cringing a bit for some reason, so I'll start with a bar. Aromaco is specifically listed as a good option for "beginners" and the essential oils listed in T'eo have me dreaming of spring and fresh air.

More of my 2017 goals will be shared soon. Until then, cheers to a new year! xo, Courtney