Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday 4

The top four things I love about this past week...

4. My new iPhone 7 is currently on a FedEx truck to be delivered to my house sometime today. I've been extremely patient with my current phone; the WiFi card started failing several months ago, making it difficult for me to do fun things like scroll through Instagram while waiting at the doctors office or do necessary things like back up to iCloud. I'm SO excited to get all set up on a new phone that will work.

3. If you know me at all, you know my out-pouring of love for Halloween. When I say I've been fretting about my costume for this year, believe that I've been fretting. All of my costumes are DIY, so I have to start early if I want something great, which I do! So for some reason I've experienced complete writers-block when it came to deciding on a costume for this year. BUT, this week an idea sparked and I am so in love with the idea. It's the perfect combination of easy-to-find pieces, creative projects, and genius results - at least, that's the way I envision it.

2. The weather has been 100% this week. Sunny, breezy, and the most comfortable temperature of upper 70's. The humidity the past month has been less than wonderful, so I've thoroughly enjoyed walking out side for longer than 30 seconds without getting soggy with sweat. Sorry for the over sharing of info, but that's what you get here.

1. The weekend plans are looking low-key which translates into relaxing and enjoyable. A long overdue date night with KJB is on the schedule, a bubble bath, and just maybe, if I feel like it, some tidying up around the house. Because when you don't have to do something, it's much more tolerable to do it.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend, hope your week was as pleasant as mine. xo