Thursday, May 26, 2016

under the stars

Another Memorial Day, another camping post. What can I say? I'm incredibly predictable (she said with a confused feeling of pride and disappointment).

When I created my Girls Gone Glamping sticker set (shameless plug: purchase here) I had no idea it would inspire so many other things. I decorated my planner with the stickers, then decided I needed a fun dashboard. Wanting to recreate the perfect camping evening, I decided on a simple vignette of a starry night. The final result is one of my absolute favorites.

Because I think it goes so well with the sticker kit, I thought everyone should have it. Download your own here!

Then, since I was so in love with it, I uploaded the design to my Society6 shop. Now you can get the design on a tote, a beach towel, a shirt and a ton of other things! At that point, I was obsessed with all things watercolor + whimsical + camping so I created my camping checklist with this gorgeous theme. When you find something good, just use it until you run it into the ground and you're sick of it. That's my theory anyway. So, I present to you, my updated camping checklist... TADA!

If you are going camping this weekend or anytime during the summer, I hope this list gets you started on the basics!