Wednesday, April 13, 2016

coffee table styling

Lately I've been simplifying lots of things in my life, but mostly around the house. Get rid of the clutter, keep the things you love. I have a BA in making things difficult, so when I finally realized that my stripped down coffee table was actually working a lot better for me, I knew I had to share. A few key things make your table functional and allows an opportunity to show your personality.

For function:
Start with a tray or a large platter. Choose one with character - something with a bit of history. The tray will house your remotes and coasters. Then add a smaller bowl or saucer that can become the temporary home for things like keys, coins, and pens. Choose a bowl with color.

For style:
Stack up some books, between 3-6, on a topic you love. This allows you to show off who you are and gives guests something to flip through. Lastly, add a plant or a vase of fresh flowers. As much as I love a bouquet of blooms, I don't always have them on hand. So a small planter of succulents is perfect for my black thumb.

coffee table / tray / bowl / coasters / plant