Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Daydream Valentine's Dinner

This year, like the past several years for us, Valentine's kind of sneaks up and then passes by without much thought. We are deep in our basketball league at church and our vday will be spent with about 100 athletes and 150 or so parents. Super romantic! But that doesn't keep me from daydreaming about the meal I would cook up if I wasn't spending all day at the basketball court.

While browsing Pinterest, I came across this delicious-looking salad from Averie Cooks, and after skimming through her recipes, I deemed her my new cook crush. Below is the dinner I would make to complete the PERFECT Valentines Day.

A mouth-watering avocado, salsa, and cream cheese stuffed pastry appetizer, a rum-runner cocktail, the strawberry, avocado, and kale salad that first drew me into her site, the maple barbecue glazed salmon for the main dish, finished off with a flourless (that makes it healthy, right?) peanut butter and chocolate fudge brownie.

Make sure you check out Averie's blog for some delicious looking recipes!