Tuesday, August 26, 2014


watching // the entire series of Dawson's Creek for the 5th time. i can't help it; i just love that show.

pinning // my most recent pins were inspiration pics for a wedding that just wrapped up over the weekend (photo above!).

wearing // the crap out of these new sandals from Target. their sandals in the store are currently on clearance, so rush over and pick up a couple pair to get you through the rest of the summer!

downsizing// my summer tote bag (which I still love, by the way) has been weighing heavy on my shoulder lately, so i've lightened it up with my Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC. loving the blue and white pattern and the condensed size!

looking forward to // traveling down to Tennessee for a wedding next weekend.  the brief change in scenery and the back-to-back three day weekend i will get because of it will be nice.

working on // a new service i've added to the business. a post will come a little later this week all about it!

writing // i've had quite a bit of "feels" going on lately and i've started writing them out. having to put my thoughts to words has never been the easiest task for me, but it feels kind of freeing to write about them. the series is titled "Being an Adult Sucks" because sometimes, it just really does. you will get the chance to read the first one tomorrow.

creating // lots of things using the Rhonna Designs app. i've used it to create chalkboard designs, signs, and plaques for all kinds of things. absolutely love that i can make things on my phone and turn them into something else later!