Thursday, April 17, 2014


Dear Courtney,

It’s your sweet sixteen! This is a going to be a great year for you. I want you to know that I’m proud of the woman you are becoming. Growing up is hard, high school is hard, but you’re tackling it like a pro. There are a few things I want you to know, not so you can change things, but just to ease you. I want you to feel eased because you don’t feel that enough.

First, your hair is out of control. You know it, and I know it. But when I look at you, it’s not all I see. It’s not so incredibly massive that it’s outrageous. And in a few years, you will discover something to control it and your hair will become your favorite thing about you. So just hold in there.

Speaking of appearance, you look great. No, you may not be all toned up like those volleyball players you envy, but you still look amazing. In fact, I envy you now. A bit of advice: keep dancing every night before bed. Dancing makes you happy and when you’re happy, you look even more gorgeous.

You are doing a lot of things right, including being a great friend. These next few years you will go through a lot of changes and your introvert-self will blossom a bit. Stay true to who you are and take advantage of those social moments. Life becomes more and more difficult as you get older (don’t stress out, but sorry, it does), and your social calendar becomes less of a priority. Cling to them while you can.

Being an introvert causes you to hold back a lot of things that you are passionate about. Don’t let it. Be confident in the things you put your time into. As a part of the publications staff, you are going to have some opportunities and you need to take them. Don’t be afraid to volunteer for something because it will help you learn.

There is a creative side of you (you dance choreographer you!) that is bursting to be freed. Taking those opportunities like I mentioned will unlock that door. Let the ideas flow, pretty lady. The whole world is possible.

I know you have a lot going on, but it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time with your siblings. This may sound crazy but you could even invite them along when you hang out with friends. They love you and look up to you.

And lastly, your anxieties of finding a guy that likes you back – girl, let them wash away. It will happen.

Cherish the time you spend with your family and friends, work hard on your school work, and love yourself. These are the three things I’m requiring you to do as a teenager. Because I remember you very well and I know you need these things. Just keep swimming. (No, I didn’t invent this little quote, but you’ll start saying it a lot in about a year.)


Your 27-year-old-self