Monday, January 6, 2014

O N E _ W O R D

Good morning my friends, and a happy new year to you! Things have been quiet around the blog, as I took an unexpected, yet totally needed break for the holiday. I was able to spend some time with loved ones and enjoy holiday traditions - hopefully you were as well!

To start the new year off, I'm going to jump on the "one word" bandwagon. While pouring through my thoughts about the upcoming year and my list of goals that I shared on my 27th birthday, I bounced back in forth between two completely opposite paths. The idea of really tackling my dreams and goals was pulling me hard to choose a word like MOTIVATED or DRIVEN. On the opposite side of things, the past few years have been jam packed and busy, and by choosing words like CALM or STILL, perhaps I would be more likely to have a restful year. But neither of those seemed right. They seemed too extreme. 

This year I may not be saying "yes" to everything. Instead I'm going to be a little more INTENTIONAL. 

I'm learning that my time is worth something and when I say yes to all the things, I'm saying no to others. Maybe I'm saying no to time with my husband, or time for myself. Maybe I'm saying no to the Lord. Gulp.

This is really going to take some changing on my part because I love to help people. But He doesn't expect me to do everything and it is okay to say no sometimes. My time should be spent serving the Lord and glorifying my Savior because I think He deserves it. It is my hope that I can look back on 2014 and remember it as a life-changing year. The year that I set my priorities straight, spent a lot of time in prayer, a lot of time with loved ones and didn't feel guilty about it.

I'm going to need your help. When things get crazy, I hope you will remind me of this goal. Don't be afraid to point it out to me. Sometimes I need that thump on the head. ;)

Have you selected a word for the year? What are your resolutions?