Friday, July 1, 2011

Project progress - Issue 4

I don't know why but I love this photo of the tire tracks. This is a photo of success. The geothermal wells are drilled and horizontal trenches completed and into the building. The gravel and dirt is smoothed back out and soon we will have light bases and concrete curbs down. Then it will start looking like a parking lot.

There is a great addition to the building since the last update. Check out this little beauty below. Meet our entrance canopy.

Well, the start of an entrance canopy anyway. Looks pretty awesome, huh? Wait until it's finished.

The interior is coming along, too. Below are two before and after images. With out dry wall & with drywall. Without paint & with paint. Tell me that wall color isn't stunning.

And lastly for this time around: the board room. I can't wait to share a photo of the final room. It's going to look great!

photo's via john chaille and me