Friday, May 19, 2017

Bell Casa

It's official. I've completely lost my mind. The list of summer projects is so long I'm too embarrassed to even discuss it because I know the reality. Reality is, MAYBE half of them will get done. I've set my sights high this year. This fall I'll share the ones that became reality; until then I'll leave you wondering how far off the deep end I've gone.

That being said, I have a very simple one to start off with and the chance of success is extremely high because I've already made my purchases. Sounds promising, right?! The task is to liven up our back patio. Last year I had a darling little table made with mosaic tile but I didn't have chairs for it so it was only used once. We do tend to grill out regularly, so I'm looking forward to making this space more usable. Here's the plan...

1 We have this great little swing set from Lowe's that is petite but also my favorite thing for the patio. I've always loved to swing, so it was at the top of my list.

2 I'm hoping I can store our cushions in this bench and then add some happy plants to the slats. Our current flower beds are in disarray until we have a new patio poured, so I need a place to plant some flowers. 

3 These chairs with the table I currently have will make for a great place to eat dinner as it comes off the grill. Plus they match the blue mosaic tiles on the table! (No longer available on Target's website, but these are similar.)

4 To really punch up the color, some kind of printed rug. This item is still on my "to purchase" list so if you find a great one, send it my way!

Is your outdoor space ready for the season? What are your must haves?


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