Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Mandarin Mandate

This week our team started a new project for a hospital's adjoined hotel. The hotel is available for the family of any patients who are staying in the hospital long term. The current hotel lobby is in dire need of a facelift. The finishes from the hotel seem to have been carried over into the space, making the space much more "healthcare" opposed to "hospitality". As of right now, we will just be providing finishes, furniture, and lighting for the lobby and the third floor corridors, where it conjoins with the hospital.

This is the first project in the hospitality side of design that I have been involved in, so I have had to do some research. While browsing Interior Design Magazine's website I came across a gorgeous hotel in Barcelona, the Mandarian Oriental. All of the Mandarian Oriental hotels are quite gorgeous but this one fits just my taste. I have linked the article below. Be sure to click the slideshow link and look at the other images. Here is one to taste.

The article is here. > The Mandarin Mandate: "firms:ferrater & asociados, juan tr..."
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