Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 03/10

I'm getting today's post up late because I took a spontaneous trip to...

IKEA! Hopefully tomorrow I'm going to put up a little haul blog post you can see the goodies that I got. But for today you get the super primary, almost neon, IKEA bags.


  1. Hi Courtney, I just found you on browsing through "bloggers in Indiana". I, too, am from Indiana and have to say I'm enjoying your blog! I was wondering which IKEA you went to? Was it the one in West Chester, OH? I ask because I thought that was one the closest one to us in the Midwest?

    xoxo, Emily

    1. Hi Emily! So happy you found me :) The West Chester Ikea is the one I go to. It is about two hours from me. There is also one in up by Detroit and one near Chicago so if you live in northern Indiana one of those may be closer!


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