Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Accessorize the Neck, Virginia Greiger style

Another amazing Etsy find. Virginia Greiger elegant jewelry design. The shop is full of all kinds of jewelry from headbands to earrings; but I fell for her when I saw the gorgeous necklaces. Vintage style and ultra feminine. I can't decide if I want to wear a necklace on my big day but if I do, I will go for something like these.

Style shown top to bottom: champagne pearly girly $105; pearly girly original $105; he loves me, he loves me not... $35;bloom $75; crystal and moonstone back necklace $125.

Which do you love? Will you wear a statement necklace? An understated necklace? Or nothing? Leave it in the comments below!


  1. Those necklaces are gorgeous!!!! I would say my fav is bloom but I also like the pearly girly necklaces!!

  2. champagne pearly girly! it's a classic.

  3. They are all beautiful! My advice: Keep it simple, the third grouping of pictures are the best. You don't want to keep people's eyes away from your beautiful dress!

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